Becoming a member of the IBBF will help equip you with the up to date knowledge, database members, market intelegence, exhibition information, legal support, office set up support, and practical tools to trade & invest in both countries. Benefits include:

  • Access to display your products & catalogues in Business Etalase in both country Embasies;
  • Access to exclusive networking events, exhibition, and workshop that take place throughout the year in both countries. Get the discount until 50% or free for the exhibition or events in both countries.
  • Access to the fastest way to set up your business in both countries.
  • Unlimited subscriptions to our regular email newsletter, coppies of the annual IBBF Review, and opportunities to contribute to IBBF platform
  • The opportunity to collaborate on projects with other members across the Forum
  • A direct point of contact with the Forum who can keep you up to date with opportunities to get involved in collaborative projects, act as a sounding board, and advise you on how Forum can help solve your business problem.


Membership is open to organizations that are keen to grow and expand the business and who are engaged in core business that’s capable of being pursued on a truly sustainable basis.





The cost of membership is dependent on the size of your organization and starts at USD 500 per year:

The startup with a turnover of less than USD 0,5 m or small NGOs

USD 500 + VAT per year
SME with a turnover of between USD 0.5 m and USD 10 m, large NGOs, or Local Government

USD 2500 + VAT per year
Corporate with a turnover of more than USD 10 m, or Central Government

USD 5000 + VAT per year